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Leicester driving school was initiated with a motive of imparting the best driving skills to people to make their dream come true.



Q. When can I apply for my provisional licence? 
You can apply up to 3 months before your 17th birthday (16 if you are registered disabled). You can apply using the relevant form from the Post Office, or apply online

Q. Can I start driving lessons before I sit my theory test? 
As long as you have a valid UK provisional driving licence you can take lessons anytime from your 17th birthday. 

Q. What can I expect on my first lesson? 
On your first driving lesson you’ll need to bring both parts of your provisional driving licence and payment for the lesson (unless pre-paid). If you need to wear glasses/contact lenses, bring them too! The first lesson will usually be longer to allow you time to have a drive. 

Q. How long are your driving lessons? 
The length of each lesson may vary depending on what you have paid for and the type of training you require. Driving lessons can be 1 hour – 3 hours (or longer if you require an intensive driving course). 

Q. How many lessons will I need? 
On average the DVSA (Driving & Vehicle Standards Agency) recommends around 45 hours with a qualified driving instructor, as well as additional private practice. However, this is an average, and there is no minimum or maximum amount. It will largely be dependent on your own aptitude and personal rate of learning ability.

Q. Can I cancel or re-arrange a driving lesson that has already been booked? 
If you need to cancel or change a driving lesson that’s already been booked, please contact your driving instructor. If you have any more questions please fill in the contact form on the front page, or email us at info@leicesterdrivingschool.org.


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